Carnival Liberty
deck plans


Carnival Liberty
1A.gif Interior - Riviera, Main & Upper Decks
4A.gif Interior - Riviera Deck
4B.gif Interior - Riviera & Main Decks
4C.gif Interior - Main Deck
4D.gif Interior - Upper Deck
4E.gif Interior - Upper & Empress Decks
4F.gif Interior - Empress & Verandah Decks
4G.gif Interior - Verandah & Lido Decks
4H.gif Interior - Lido & Panorama Decks
4J.gif Interior (obstructed views) - Upper, Empress, Lido & Panorama Decks
6A.gif Oceanview - Riviera Deck
6B.gif Oceanview - Riviera & Main Decks
6C.gif Oceanview - Main Deck
8A.gif Balcony - Upper Deck
8B.gif Balcony - Upper & Empress Decks
8C.gif Balcony - Empress & Verandah Decks
8D.gif Balcony - Verandah & Lido Decks
8E.gif Balcony - Lido & Panorama Decks
8F.gif Balcony - Panorama & Spa Decks
8M.gif Aft-View Extended Balcony - Upper & Empress Decks
8N.gif Aft-View Extended Balcony - Verandah Deck
9B.gif Premium Balcony - Verandah Deck
9C.gif Premium Balcony - Upper, Empress & Verandah Decks
CS.gif Captain’s Suite - Lido Deck
JS.gif Junior Suite - Lido Deck
OS.gif Ocean Suite - Empress Deck
GS.gif Grand Suite - Empress Deck
PT.gif Porthole - Riviera & Main Decks
Legenda 2 Twin Beds (convert to King) and 2 Upper Pullmans
Legenda 2 Twin Beds (convert to King) and 1 Upper Pullmans
Legenda Twin Bed and Single Sofa Bed
Legenda 2 Twin Beds (convert to King) and Single Sofa Bed
Legenda 2 Twin Beds (convert to King), Single Sofa Bed and 1 Upper Pullman
Legenda 2 Twin Beds (convert to King) and Double Sofa Bed
Legenda Stateroom with 2 Porthole Windows
Legenda Connecting Staterooms
Legenda Twin Beds do not convert to a King Bed
2 Twin Beds (convert to King), Single Sofa Bed, 1 Upper Pullman and 1 Lower Pullman
All accomodations are non-smoking


Obstructed view cabis: 2446, 2449

Staterooms are available that are modified for wheelchair users.
Please contact your Travel Agent, for details.
Carnival Liberty


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